Ladies' Quintessential Quintet - Virtual Residency Performance

 Join the Ladies' Quintessential Quintet for their virtual residency performance. This event includes the premiere of Alyssa Morris' "Melting Pot", commissioned for standard woodwind quintet,  and more. Come see what we did in a week! 

The Ladies spent their residency from their homes (in Washington, Idaho and Utah), and creating an audio/video recording. 

About Ladies' Quintessential Quintet


Rose Johnson - flute

Nicole Marriott Fulllmer - oboe

Lori Shepherd - clarinet

Sonja Reynolds - horn

Elizabeth Crawford - bassoon

 As a stunning example of talent and artistry, the Ladies’ Quintessential Quintet embodies what it means to be a female musician in the modern landscape of classical music. The members of the quintet come together for several projects each year, including concerts, residencies, and recordings. A passion for new music on the cutting edge of modern quintet repertoire fuels their participation in the area of new compositions and arrangements for the genre. They also actively seek collaborations with composers in process, as well as artists in other areas of performance and visual arts.   

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