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About Trio de Bois


Nicole Marriott Fullmer - oboe

Lori Shepherd - clarinet

Elizabeth Crawford - bassoon

Chamber music distills the art of music making to three core concepts: sonority, time, and expression. By masterfully combining the voices of bassoon, oboe, and clarinet, the music of Trio de Bois epitomizes the act of exploration of each these elements. Working together since 2009, the Trio’s rep now includes works from all around the world and from all time periods. Through performance and educational outreach, Elizabeth Crawford, Lori Shepherd and Nicole Marriott-Fullmer also foster collaboration with other artists and instrumentalists, most recently including Allison Vest on piano, and through a collaboration with composer Sy Brandon. Find Trio de Bois on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, and on streaming services with their album Taking Root. 

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